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DBAG sold Formel D group to 3i. In that context, Seitz advised the management team of Formel D group on the sales process and on the management participation programmes. Formel D develops leading solutions for quality assurance and process optimisation for automotive customers.

Through its range of testing and inspection services for individual parts, systems and vehicles, Formel D is an important player in the automotive value chain. Formel D has over 7,000 employees, operates more than 80 facilities in 19 countries and generated revenues in 2016 of more than EUR 250 million. Formel D’s customers include premium automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler, VW and Audi, with whom it has long-standing, trusted relationships.

Advisors Management Formel D:
Seitz (Köln): Dr. Stefan Seitz (Employment), Dr. Daniel Grewe (M&A/Corporate; beide Federführung), Nils Kröber (Tax); Associates: Dr. Johannes Traut (Employment), Dr. Constantin Axer Axer (M&A/Corporate).

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